TraceWay Track&Trace System

TraceWay Track&Trace System is a hardware-software complex solution developed by Russian company Original Group and designed for product labeling and tracking. It is optimized for the serialization, aggregation and monitoring processes and unloading reports to the federal government information system “Chestny ZNAK” in accordance with the regulatory authorities requirements.

The TraceWay system supports all levels of the L1-L5 architecture as with the ISA-95 standard and has been successfully implemented since 2006.

Original Group advantages in Track&Trace Solutions

  • 13 years experience in the high-tech equipment and software market; a member of Track&Trace systems market since 2006.
  • Full internal expert review: design, development, production, commissioning, validation, technical support.
  • Ready-made solution: delay-free start, quick implementation, tested hardware and software.
  • 10 specialized solutions.
  • More than 60 intellectual property items (patents).
  • The solution complies (confirmed by validators) with the requirements of global standards GS1 and the national operator CRPT.

TraceWay TTS system advantages

Supports all levels of the architecture: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 as with the ISA-95
Has a certificate of state registration
Meets international standards GS1, GMP, GAMP 5, GSP, GDP
Original Group experience in Track&Trace platform development and solutions implementation since 2006
Complete ready-to-operate solution from a single supplier
Compatibility with a wide range of third-party hardware and software
Custom engineering, individual premium support feature
Full set of validation documents
Complete Russian solution: meets import phaseout policy, Russian-language user support center

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