About TraceWay

The main objective of the TraceWay Track&Trace system is the systematic approach to product management throughout the entire life cycle: raw materials control, production, tracking throughout the distribution supply chain to the final customer.

О системе маркировки TraceWay Track&Trace

In practical terms, it means providing consumer and transport packages labeling, linking individual and group codes to each other, processing product operations (grouping, ungrouping, moving, receiving, recycling ...), generating data for uploading to external systems in order to determine the authenticity of the goods and traffic monitoring.

TraceWay ensures interaction with the federal government information system Честный ЗНАК “Chestny ZNAK” in full compliance with legislative standards of the Government of the Russian Federation. This being only a small part of its functionality, the system provides the data completeness, consistency and accuracy control throughout the entire life cycle of products - an indicator that plays a key role in the production quality control system. TraceWay provides a practical opportunity to transform the company's information ecosystem, making its economy effective and optimizing product distribution.

TraceWay system capability:

  • Ensuring company’s work compliance with legislative acts prescribing the mandatory labeling of certain types of products.
  • Substantial facilitation of warehouse and logistics operations.
  • Reduced losses in case of defective production and product withdrawal.
  • Counterfeit and falsification protection.
  • Ensuring distribution transparency.
  • Product consumer trust building.

TraceWay Software Types

TraceWay Track&Trace system is a modular solution. It consists of fully tested and compatible software blocks. This approach allows using standard or creating customized solutions with individual configurations, and integrate the system software modules into the customer’s enterprise infrastructure.

TraceWay Track&Trace is a boxed software. Ready-to-operate solutions for optimal functionality, reasonable price and guaranteed validity.

Customized engineering allows creating a Track&Trace solution for a company of any level and type of business.

TraceWay SaaS — Traсk&Trace system service with access to cloud-based installation of TraceWay software on a monthly subscription basis. Provider resources access is scaled depending on the needs for services. The cloud is located in a data center in Russia.

How it works


An array of unique identification tools for product labeling is generated/ordered.


Products are labeled and verified. Group packages labeling (corrugated boxes, pallets) is available.


Correctly labeled codes are imported into the TraceWay TTS database. All codes are matched with product information.


Samples can be taken for various reasons (quality control, archiving or certification, etc.)


Products are shipped to the next logistics point.


Products are registered at the warehouse, ungrouped / regrouped in group packaging, registered again in a new group package. Multiple repetition of these operations is possible.


Products are sent to the final destination.


Products are registered and verified, then sent to the final consumer.


Authenticated by the final consumer.

TraceWay TTS Ecosystem

TraceWay TTS Ecosystem

TraceWay TTS Track&Trace system is created by Original Group as a platform solution integrated into the Original Group platforms, products and services ecosystem. This provides full solution life cycle management, high level customer support and a wide range of additional services.

  • Full ISA-95 compliance allows integrating any set of TraceWay TTS modules into Track&Trace customer system and investment security by using existing equipment and software.
  • Ready-to-operate solutions for optimal functionality, reasonable price and guaranteed validity.
  • Customized engineering allows creating Track&Trace solutions for a company of any level and type of business.
  • Standard protocols integration with ERP- and WMS-systems of the customer.

Additional services allow customers getting an individual solution that fully meets all the necessary requirements, as well as equipment delivery and installation, software installation, equipment and software setup and testing, commissioning, a full set of validation documents and technical support for the entire period of TraceWay TTS software and hardware complex operation – all within one supplier.

TraceWay TTS system advantages

Supports all levels of the architecture: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 as with the ISA-95
Has a certificate of state registration
Meets international standards GS1, GMP, GAMP 5, GSP, GDP
Original Group experience in Track&Trace platform development and solutions implementation since 2006
Complete ready-to-operate solution from a single supplier
Compatibility with a wide range of third-party hardware and software
Custom engineering, individual premium support feature
Full set of validation documents
Complete Russian solution: meets import phaseout policy, Russian-language user support center

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