TraceWay A1 - Semi-Automatic Layer-by-Layer Aggregation Workstation

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TraceWay A1 workstation is an ergonomic modular solution for semi-automatic layer-by-layer aggregation of secondary packaging in cardboard boxes form. Electric drive-integrated design allows automatic raise of machine vision module to the new layer height of secondary packaging.

This feature along with a sensitive camera provides maximum performance and high quality 2D codes reading. The side shelf for the group label printer with mechanical height adjustment serves the same purpose.

The complex is installed on a single integral frame that withstands all operational production loads.

TraceWay A1 aggregation station characteristics and functions meet all the requirements of the RF legislation regarding the mandatory product labeling systems effective at the time of signing the equipment supply contract.

Characteristics Specifications

Performance, pcs / min Manual box stacking
Supported box sizes (LWH), mm 420 х 310 х 300
Readable codes 2D GS1 DataMatrix
Operating humidity, % 40 - 70 (max: 10 / 90 noncondensing) 
Maximum camera height, mm 350
Camera resolution, MP 20
Operating temperature, °C +10 / +35
Transportation temperature, °C -25 / +55
Voltage, V AC 220, +10% -15%
Frequency, Hz 50 ±1%
Max power consumption, kW 1.2
IP rating (not lower than) IP54 (without hanging fence)
Manufacturing material Stainless steel V2A/AISI 304 and V4A/AISI 316 or 08Cr18Ni10
Weight, kg 250
Size (LWH), mm 1615 х 1054 х 2296 (2696 when telescoping)
Simultaneous reading ((not lower than) 100 pcs.
Max reading layers volume Against the pack height
Thermal transfer printer number 1

Dimensions scheme

TraceWay A1

Standard equipment configuration (enhancements available on demand)

  • Fixed stainless steel desktop.
  • “Start aggregation” control mechanism with foot-switch or user interface button.
  • Automatic system of adjustment and machine vision module positioning when changing packages height.
  • Automatic aggregation process of boxes up to 300 mm height, no additional camera focus or reading depth adjustments are needed.
  • Fail-safe electric linear drive unit for the camera casing and LED lighting device.
  • Conveniently arranged industrial thermal transfer printer for group labels.
  • Simple self-adhesive tape and ribbon replacing unit.
  • Complete L2 level software settings management system via user interface and 17” color LCD touch screen panel.
  • Network interface for TraceWay server communication (using an industrial Ethernet router).
  • User access system based on the predefined role model, password protected after FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Stainless steel structure frame.
  • DCT (data collection terminal) for checking individual product code status, group label codes, and additional production and logistics operations.
  • Angle rotation adjusting mechanism for the command panel.
  • Code beacon with two lamps and sound notification.