Traceway S5 Serialization Integration Kit

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TraceWay S5 serialization kit is a conveyor line integration system with an applicator printer labeling 2D DataMatrix code and human-readable information. Sticker application is also provided.

All the components are software-controlled. Color 17” LCD touch screen provides visualization and equipment management. Optionally, a reject system, an uninterruptible power supply and conveyor system can be installed.

TraceWay S5 equipment is compatible with a wide with a wide range of production lines and is a component of the first level of the product accounting and tracking system.

TraceWay S5 serialization workstation characteristics and functions meet all the RF legislation requirements regarding the mandatory product labeling systems at the time of signing the equipment supply contract.

Basic characteristics

Criteria Value
Performance, pcs / min  Depends on the applicator equipment performance
Applied codes 2D GS1 (DataMatrix)
Printing technology Thermal transfer
Printing resolution, dpi 300
Max printing field size, (LH), mm 1000 х 53
Label reel core diameter, mm 76
Max label reel diameter, mm 400
Operating humidity, % 40 - 70 (max: 10 / 90 noncondensing) 
Operating temperature, °C + 10 / + 35
Storage and transportation temperature, °C -25 / + 55
Voltage, V AC 220, +10% -15%
Frequency, Hz 50 ±1%
Power consumption, kW 1.2
IP rating (not lower than) IP54 (without hanging fence)
Manufacturing material Stainless steel V2A/AISI 304 and V4A/AISI 316 or 08Cr18Ni10
Weight, kg* 70-100*
Size (LWH), mm 700 х 1320 х 480

* - weight may vary depending on equipment configuration.

Dimensions scheme

TraceWay S5

Standard equipment configuration (enhancements available on demand)

  • Thermal transfer printer for DataMatrix code application with print quality not lower than "C".
  • Verification camera providing applied DataMatrix code quality control.
  • Stainless steel control panel.
  • Complete L2 level software settings management system via user interface and 17” color LCD touch screen panel.
  • Network interface for TraceWay server communication (using an industrial Ethernet router).
  • User access system based on the predefined role model.
  • Light stack with two lamps and sound notification.