Traceway Saw1 Manual Serialization, Aggregation And Warehouse Accounting System

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Trace Way SAW1 system is a solution for manual stickers serialization, aggregation and warehouse accounting. It allows easily performing the following operations:


  • Individual codes assignment.
  • Printing individual codes on stickers.
  • Print template selection.

Aggregation and warehouse accounting

  • Pallets / boxes ungrouping.
  • Pallet / box aggregation.
  • Pallets / boxes regrouping.
  • Withdrawal.
  • Product distribution management.
  • Group code assignment.
  • Printing a group code on corrugated boxes / pallets.
  • The system software is integrated with the L3 level software of the TraceWay system.

TraceWay SAW1 manual serialization, aggregation and warehouse accounting system characteristics and functions meet all the RF legislation requirements regarding the mandatory product labeling systems at the time of signing the equipment supply contract.

Basic characteristics

Criteria Value
Printing resolution, dpi 300
Standard individual packaging label size (LW), mm 25 х 43
Applied codes 2D GS1 DataMatrix
Printing technology Thermal transfer
Max printing resolution, dpi 300
Performance, pcs / min Manual box stacking
Readable codes 2D GS1 DataMatrix/ Linear 1D Code 128
Printing technology Thermal transfer
Printing resolution, dpi 203
Standard corrugated boxes / pallets label size (LW), mm 100 х 100
Operating humidity, % 40 - 70 (max: 10 / 90 noncondensing) 
Operating temperature, °C + 10 / + 35
Transportation temperature, °C -25 / + 55
Voltage, V AC 220, +10% -15%
Frequency, Hz 50 ±1%

Dimensions scheme

TraceWay SAW1

Standard equipment configuration (enhancements available on demand)

  • 300 dpi resolution industrial thermal transfer printer with internal reeler.
  • 203 dpi resolution thermal transfer printer for group labels on corrugated boxes / pallets
  • Uninterruptable power source.
  • Simple and easy self-adhesive tape and ribbon replacing system.
  • Network interface for TraceWay server communication (using an industrial Ethernet router).
  • User access system based on the predefined role model, password protected after FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
  • PC panel 15”.
  • DCT (data collection terminal) for checking individual product code status, group label codes, and additional production and logistics operations.
  • Программное обеспечение АРМ SAW1 уровня L2.
  • SAW1 level L2 workstation software.
  • TraceWay software «TSD Manager».