About us

Track&Trace TraceWay system is developed by investment and technology holding company Original Group that provides financing, design, market launch and development of high-tech products and services.

It includes:

  • Original I&M – Management company providing financing and project management.
  • One En – Software, industrial equipment and electronics development center.
  • CallTraffic – One of the largest Russian call-centers (more than 2000 operators, one of the TOP-3 largest call-centers).
  • Qubi – Russian brand of IoT electronics.
  • Union Food – Street retail projects.

Original Group has launched the following services on the market:

  • Original – Сounterfeit and falsification protection system for manufacturers and consumers.
  • iActions – Technological framework for large-scale marketing programs.
  • Nettruck – Weight control system for trucks.
  • iGuard – Quality control and optimization cloud solution for security companies.

TraceWay today is:

customers all over Russia
installation works for industrial enterprises in 2019
industries for which solutions are created or adapted
Top 10
of labeling solutions suppliers in 2019 according to the ministry of industry and trade
track&trace solutions since 2006
technology development in partnership with CRPT (Advanced technology development center) and Sechenov University

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Commercial manager

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